• Jyotsna Sastry

Bold, dreamy and full of heart, Jyotsna Sastry creates simple, addictive melodies with relatable lyrics.


Her multi-lingual and multi-genre influence creates a musical space for all kinds of energies, moods and people. 


This, originally-from-Bangalore-musician, is a songwriter and composer with a hauntingly husky voice complimented by a wide technical and tonal range. 


Though trained since childhood in Carnatic and Western classical, she believes that her raw and organic exploration of sounds triggered her desire to create music. 


She started experimenting with different instruments to compose, focusing on the perfection in the imperfections, breaking the technical rules to create beauty. 


(Pic from Itsy Bitsy food festival, Phoenix Mills, Mumbai.)


She trained in theatre and film, in the process of which she performed in musicals in England, Ooty, and Mumbai. After she began writing her own music, she began testing it at local lounges and food festivals both in Mumbai and Bangalore.  


Here, she developed new renditions to popular music around her. 


Her sonic narration is fresh yet nostalgic; reminiscent of retro melodies accompanied by sounds from the future. Under the influence of hip-hop,blues, jazz, rock, and RnB, with an umbrella fascination of film music (Hollywood, Bollywood, foreign, and regional,) her music caters to a spread of emotions and moods. 


Her debut single "I think I’m yours" features a glimpse of her musical storytelling, accompanied by her vocal and trumpet stylings. 


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