• Laxmi Bomb
From the land of salt-pans and straight into the city, comes a local sound that provides the perfect foil as the city background. Meet ‘Laxmi Bomb’, a newly formed electro-pop outfit from ‘Bombay’, because that’s where the music comes from.
The theme is reflective of those times and represented through a young woman’s imagery. A traveller of the many landscapes in a city called ‘Hॐ’, the title of the debut EP. It meanders through the ‘happy-hustle-bustle’ and the ‘eerie calm’ in equal capacity. With classic Hindi cinema motifs and pop-disco beats thrown in with candid measure.
And ‘Hॐ’ has already been weaved into the fabric of the city. Having featured in various pockets that  include ‘The Scene at Blue Frog’, MTV India, the ‘House of Vans edition at Sitara Studio & D’Bell’. Not to mention festivals like ‘Ragasthan’  and the ‘Sony Music Conference’ in Kerala 2014.
Laxmi is unique and comfortable in her own identity. As the review in the ‘Mid-Day’ would put it, “a breath of fresh air in a city with its fair share of imitators”.
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