• LAYER Music Project

Layer is a synesthete who sees colors as waves, a Soundscapist, a Robotic humanist, an automation and Electronics Engineer , there are as many facets to him as there is texture in his fractal, complex music.

Layer is Chaitanya Bulusu ( Chatty) and his work transcends genre and style – instead focusing more on swing, melody, vibe and atmosphere.
A seeker of hedonism through rhythm, philanthropy through music-making, he formed his moniker in the summer of 2016. The idea was always simple--promotion of quality Dance Music, minus the little labels and the big boxes. The only constants remain deep, groovy bass-lines, dark atmospheres and a trajectory that ultimately crescendos into high energy dance music. Coming from a DnB and Psychedelic trance background, his sets innately include a generous dose of live sampling, layering and an overall vibe that could be defined as 'eclectic.' 
He started Producing at the age of 18 and that has propelled him to come up with his first Band KRAZY ELECTRONS.

He uses Zaquencer , Korg Volca Series , Spark Altruia Drum machine and his customized MIDI controller in his live gigs.

His influences run deep and vast as Infected Mushroom , Prodigy , KSHMR , Royksopp , Enigma , Deep Forest and Illayaraja.

Still in its nascent stage, LAYER has already given people a reason to like him on dance floors around the Globe. His first 4 releases on Soundcloud garnered him 8000 plays and 100 + reposts.

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