• Lighting Lanterns


Formed mid 2012, Lighting Lanterns is an electronica project from 2 Indian Musicians Sanjay Kumar and Varsha Ritasha. 
Sanjay is widely known for his guitar work, having played in bands like "Amethysts", "Atomic Green" and many others. Sanjay is the current guitarist of the hardcore band Final Surrender. Always having an urge to create bright positive music, Lighting Lanterns began as an experiment in Sanjays bedroom and quickly blossomed into an Fresh Fizzy sound. With lot of experience in the field, Sanjay's view on music is "discovery". Always excited to "discover" the sound more, Lighting Lanterns explores various synth and electronic sounds, from cool synthesizers to the Grand Piano, all leading to the sound of the band.
Sanjay and Varsha also run Lighting Lanterns as a recording studio, where they produce Artists varying across different genres. Lighting Lanterns has received International acclaim as a production house, after having produced Uddipan Sarmah (Zindagi), Arron Brown, 
and many more. 
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