• Last Remaining Light
Last Remaining Light is an energetic and intense new sound that has come together in early 2014. The band came out of the alternative music scene in Mumbai when Siddharth Basrur(Goddess Gagged,Scribe), Adil Kurwa(The Colour Compound,The Koniac Net) and Anurag Shanker(Slow Down Clown) got together to create a new breed of sonic ideas. The songs are a mix of personal journeys and collective experiences and their upcoming debut is expected to make a defining statement in the recording industry(Featured amongst the most looked forward to releases of 2014 in Rolling Stone India Issue October 2014). The band has started playing gigs since early 2014 and are expected to launch full throttle on a tour early 2015.
Drums on the album were played by Vaibhav Wavikar. The role of drummer has now been taken over by Karun Kannampilly (The Koniac Net, Modern Mafia).
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