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           Manzil Mystics is a choir group that was founded by three former Manzil students and teachers. Through their shared passion for traditional Indian music, Indian Folk music, and a desire to celebrate their culture through songs Manzil Mystics was born.  Manzil Mystics has been performing for/with different NGOs in Delhi on social issues such as environment, gender-based violence, governmental corruption, honor killing, failure in education system in India, and many more. Through its inspiring and self composed songs Manzil Mystics has been performing throughout Delhi and different parts of India for last 4 years for corporate, event companies and NGOs. Manzil Mystics believes that music is just not a part of entertainment; it’s an alternative medium of teaching people good things. So the theme of music is Manzil Mystics’s uniqueness.





         Manzil Mystics started its journey in Manzil. Manzil is a nonprofit organization providing a community and resources for local youth from low-income backgrounds. Here they are able to learn and share, to gain confidence, to be creative, and to see the world in new ways.


        We do this is by encouraging our students to discover and express themselves through creative and meaningful academic learning (English, Maths and Computer classes), and art forms like music, theatre, dance and craft.


        Our aim is to encourage youth to be more aware of the world around them and to find ways of being assets to society. Studying at Manzil is not primarily about passing exams, or gathering qualifications. It’s about understanding and enjoying the process of learning.


        Manzil Mystics would like to acknowledge Ravi Gulati, the founder of Manzil and Geetika Kapoor, Director of Manzil. Without the support of these mentors, the group would not be what it is today.















ØLearning through Music: Manzil Mystics has been running this project for last 2 years. We believe that music is one of the alternative ways to teach people good things. We design our activities in a way that we teach how to sing, write, and compose a song, but attendees learn life skills too. We are currently running this project at Vidya & Child, Harijan Basti near Ambedkar Colony, Noida-37 (an NGO working with children from lower income background in Noida), RPVV school, Dwarka Sec 10 (a government school), MCD School, Dilshad Garden (a government school in which Vidya and Child is doing a project), G.D. Foundation (an NGO working with slum kids of Sanjay Colony, Govind Puri), Nirmal School (a school/NGO for less privileged kids), Commercial School, Dariya Gunj (a government school).

We have worked with PVR Nest (PVR groups), Vidya & Child, Noida-127, Bhodivriksh (Alwar), Katkatha, G.B Road (an NGO working in Delhi’s red light area for sex workers and their children), Tech Mahindra Foundation, Nirmaan Foundation, Sarvodya and Pratibha schools, Dreaming Child Production (Delhi), and throughout Delhi.


Whatever we earn through stage shows we give 60% of our income to this project. Though all the musicians are professional and music is the only source of income, we do not charge for these workshops. The idea is to cross – subsidize the paid shows with the unpaid workshops so whatever we earn through shows and gatherings we give 60% back to community.


ØChai, Coffee, and Music: The quarterly gathering happens in South Delhi where we invite our fellow musicians and other artists who meet us in musical journey. We promote arts and Indian culture through this gathering. We have theater artists, musicians, dancers, and comedian to come, perform, and contribute. The agenda is to not have any agenda. We just meet and celebrate life through different art forms and drink a lot chai with parle G.











1)    Rashmi Arya (https://www.facebook.com/rashmi.arya.353?fref=ts) - Rashmi Arya is the Co-founder of Manzil Mystics who manages the vocal. Rashmi Arya is one of the most senior musicians in the group and she is one who gave to a shape to this group. Rashmi Arya used to be a part of Manzil Band and used to sing a lot of folk and Kabir music. Rashmi has a beautiful voice and her idea of celebrating life with people makes everyone love her so much. Rashmi is a nurse by profession and musician by heart. 


2)     Anurag Hoon (www.facebook.com/anuraghoon) – Co-founder of Manzil Mystics who manages the group and also handles marketing of the group. Anurag is a talented rapper who makes short raps on social issues and also sings Indian folk. Anurag also represents himself as a writer and photographer in Manzil Mystics. Anurag is doing Master in Social Work from IGNOU and is a Senior Coordinator in Manzil.


3)    Preeti Arya (www.facebook.com/preeti.arya.564) - A very talented classical and folk singer. Preeti has been teaching music (vocal) in Manzil for last 6 years. Preeti has a professional job in tally calling and is doing graduation from Delhi University.


4)    Neeti Pandey (www.facebook.com/neeti.pandey.142) - Neeti is one of the main writers in Manzil Mystics and has written 7 songs for the group. Neeti is one of the vocalist sings Indian classical and folk music. She is learning Indian classical music from Gandhi Smriti and has been completed 4 years from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, ITO, Delhi. She also manages the vocals in Manzil Mystics and completed Masters from IGONU.


5)    Mamta Bhatia (www.facebook.com/mamta.bhatia.902) - Mamta is a classical singer and also sings some very beautiful Gurbanis. She is doing graduation from Delhi University and CS from ICSI.


6)    Ankit Mandal (https://www.facebook.com/Ankitmaldal?fref=ts) - Ankit is one of the oldest members of the group shares his talent as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist. Ankit also represent himself as a writer & composer and he is a professional Chef.


7)    Shivam Panday (www.facebook.com/shivam.pandey.9041083) - Shivam is the main folk voice of Manzil Mystics. He has a very unique Rajasthani folk voice. Shivam is in 12th class and is also learning Indian classical music from Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi.


8)    Indar Arya- Inder is a vocalist and composer in Manzil Mystics. He composed one of our very popular songs - Numericals. He is 18 years old and is about to finish 12th standard. 


9)    Jatin Singh (www.facebook.com/jatin.singh.16752) - Jatin is one of the vocalists of the group. He also plays djembe (an African drum) so, he also represents himself as the rhythmist in Mystics. Jatin has been learning classical music from Gandhi Smriti for last 4 years and also represent himself as a writer and composer.


10)         Vikram Singh (www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001828231901) - Vikram is a vocalist in Manzil Mystics. He learned music from Manzil and is doing Engineering from Pusa Polytechnic. 


11)         Sahil Khan (www.facebook.com/sahil.k.sk) - With a great hold in folk and Indian music, Sahil shares his talent in Manzil Mystics as a lead guitarist.


12)         Saad Khan (www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002855060972&fref=ts) - The youngest member of our group. Like Vikram, Saad was a Manzil student and after learning vocal from Manzil, Saad joined us as a vocalist. Saad sings Bollywood love songs and he is in 11th class.


13)         Archana Chowdhary (https://www.facebook.com/archana.chowdhary.5?fref=ts) – Archana is the newest member in the group. Archana is a trained Indian Classical singer, has been learning Indian Classical music for last 5 years. Archana is doing her Bachelors in Music from Delhi University and learning Indian Classical music from Gandharv Mahavidyalaya. Archana is also the General Secretary of a Delhi based NGO; G.D. Foundation.  


14)    Vijay Verma (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002465390328&fref=ts) - Vijay is the photographer of Manzil Mystics and takes amazing pictures of our events and workshops. Vijay is 18 years old and represents himself as a film maker and photographer.

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