• Mauj Maharaja
Mauj Maharaja is a Hindi Pop-Rock band from Mumbai, India started byTanmay Bhattacherjee and Aalok Padhye in early 2015.
The band features Tanmay Bhattacherjee on bass, Aalok Padhye on percussion, Vishrut Sinha on vocals, Tejas Menon on guitar and Jehangir Jehangir on drums. 
These musicians have been producing and performing music together for over ten years now, in one avatar or another. From Indie Funk/Jam band Something Relevant, which was one of the country’s premier live acts, to more recently at their production house Cotton Press Studio, where they compose and produce music for film, TV and online media. 
The bands original songs are topical and relevant, with simple melodies and RnB influences. The dynamics and chemistry among the band members is palpable, resulting in a unique push and pull of the sounds that will keep you grooving all along.
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