• Melody Theatre

The beauty of music is that it is there in every moment and every stage in your life. It makes you smile when your mother sings for you, it makes you tap your feet just when you are about to walk, it strikes you when love happens, it looks after you in sad moments.. it’s just everywhere.

Our journey of Musicianship at the Melody Theatre is very simple. Bonded with family love, our melodies are simple folk tunes derived from Hindustani Classical music, and weaved together with the western rock. But even more than musicians, we are the storyteller. We are trying to weave together some beautiful stories of our culture which are not just inspiring but also carry true colours and essence of our heritage. The power of RAM, the calmness of SITA, the flute of KRISHNA and blessing of  DURGA; our music is true music. Far away from the noise of modern electronic music, we are just a few brothers and sisters creating music on loud ringing guitars and heart-thumping beats.  Melody Theatre invites you this beautiful celebration of our culture and heritage and hopes you will get drenched a bit with our colours.

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