• Mortar


Mortar  began  late in 2011, when Nilabja came down from Bangalore and met up with Sam and found a lot of similarities in their musical taste. After a few line up changes Soham joined the band in Jan, 2012. Sayak, our drummer  joined the family in Nov, 2012. Sayak's intense drumming not only made our sound more heavy, but also improvised drum patterns made our originals more thrashy and heavy. 
Mortar 's sound speaks of Bay area thrash with a mixture of  Canadian influences.  Classic old school riffage along with intense drumming and high pitched vocals. Occasionally mixed with 'riot' chorus. Their influences range from a wide variety of  heavy metal masters like Judas Priest, Savatage, Accept, Iron Maiden to Thrash Metal maniacs, Exodus, Razor, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Coroner, Nuclear Assault, Overkill and lots of other bands who made us choose the sound we are good at.
Mortar's support from the fans have taken us so far and we are honored to have such listeners and followers. We will keep our sound raw and classy and never sell out like the wannabes. Nilabja left the band after the EP release and was replaced by Sam, who currently handles the Guitars and vocals. Soumick joined as the bassist immediately. So, the current lineup includes
Sam - Vocals & Guitar
Soham - Guitar
Sayak - Drums
Soumick - Bass
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