• Mr. Doss

Mr. Doss alias of producer Rishiraj Doss from Kolkata, is one of the India's well known Bass music daredevils. With an affinity towards beefy 808 rhythms and ninja like vocal chops, his sound packs more rolls per bar than Japan's hottest Sushi joints. Known as one of the more creative Trap & Hip Hop makers in the scene, he's constantly revitalizing the genre with fresh new sounds, drops and collabs with artists like Su Real, Vice Versa, Manasi Scott, Shefali Alvarez, Gurbax & Amber Noel. Over the last few years his GIMA nominated track with Vice Versa "Get Rowdy" has been on heavy rotation on Vh1 and his latest collab with Gurbax "Aghori" hitting #1 on the Indian iTunes charts. Always on point and a dynamo at the console, Mr. Doss' energy while he performs is an infectious thing, leaving the floor heaving, sweating and gasping for air. 

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