• Musical Banjaras


Ashish Ali composes, sings, plays, edits, shoots, designs, he does all that goes behind the making of MUSIC FOR THE SOUL. A guy who leads an otherwise ordinary life, but once he is in his studio, the world outside seizes to exist, there are no days, nights, mealtimes,phone calls, nature calls, its just him and his music.
Along with all the easy flair on all his musical instruments and command on vocal chords, he comes with a huge experience from most aspects of TV, Film and music industry which gives him an added advantage as a musician. His melodious and easy-to-hum tunes come bedecked with indo western fusion flavours and anyone can easily associate with the lyrics as they are simple and come straight from the heart.
He believes that music is for listening and spreading, not just for keeping. With the same belief he came up with his e-music store called 'MUSICAL BANJARAS by Ashish Ali' which will allow listeners from all corners of the world get access to the best of his works.
Through his journey in search for soulful music he had great learning opportunities and got to be together with people carrying generations old musical legacies and association with royals. He brought together such talents and formed Musical Banjaras where he along with the other artists make these heady tracks that are a beautiful combination of traditional old sufi songs mixed with the best of western and electronic music.
Its up and there, easy and quick, beautiful and melodious. So listen and smile, share and enjoy!!
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