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An exciting journey of music - mainstream ...progressive ...alternative ...psychedelic ... some of the many shades of Rock.
In a part of the world which rarely goes beyond film music, I finally found like-minded musicians enthusiastic about independent music. 
It was a long search – and though many musicians wanted to join the band, they couldn't do so due to the compulsions of a profession in the Film & TV world.
So, here's the current band lineup:
Guitar & Vocals – Milin
Keyboards  – Krunal Shah
Bass – Vivek Date
Drums – Agnelo Picardo
Vocal (Female) – Pratiksha K Nair
Vocal (Male) – Prasad Salian / Milin
Sax/Flute - ID Rao
Thanks a ton  ... 
Varun Nair, Mrudula Picardo & Naama Choonawala - for your graciousness in standing by :-) 
Tushar Bhatia, Ibrahim Ashq, Farooque Rehman - for your Hindi & Urdu mastery :-) 
Gaurav Chopra - for being our mixing wizard!
Music - Milin
Lyrics (English) - Milin
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