• Paired Strings


Paired Strings is music and a pair of lunatics in random entanglement. Jazzmine & Shanti. And a guitar. And lots of music, inspiration and tech support from friends everywhere, and a few, very few, people who hate the notion of such madness. That makes Paired Strings much more than a duo, it’s an f***ing crowd!
Paired Strings is an accidental existence, with no premeditated thought! And it's getting born every moment. Like this wheel turning round and round. Paired Strings hangs around with a dreamcatcher, and traps the music of the universe. And lets it flow back out with words and melody. With no plans for the future, no dreams of the past and certainly no clue of the present. It wants to catch every moment in song and share, share, share…
Paired Strings loves the music of science, the music of the arts and celebrates it. Paired Strings loves the music of pain or joy or sheer, unbearable boredom. Paired Strings loves music and recreates it. Paired Strings loves life.
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