• Piyush Bhisekar
Everybody has a song, the song they sing to themselves in the darkest of the nights and move ahead towards a new day.
Hie, I am Piyush Bhisekar.  I have been learning music ever since aged 7 then onwards my mornings have been the school choir, the national anthem, the group songs and the tunes of everything around have sparked me to get the song inside me to all of you beautiful people.
My music
The lyrics, the tunes, the compositions all draw inspiration from the sneek peeks from the days climbs and valleys; the diverged roads and the paperboats sailing through the puddled waters. Music which believes in 'make believe' and Inturn 'make' it from the last night's dream into reality.
'Hai bharosa' is my debut EP


I have been working on this EP for the past two years.. more appropriately it is the felling of 'us' being there for each other through the odds and the evens. 'Hai Bharosa' is about a trail down the memory lane and the strait laying ahead. The music reassures of a lamp being lit in the evening waiting for you to come home; the music reassures of the song in you that gets you moving forward every day.
From open mics, shady bars to opening for the legendary 'Amit Trivedi' in front of thousands of people at BITS Pilani Hyderabad to being the finalist of a talent reality web-series called Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth S7 judged by 'Benny Dayal', 'Neeti Mohan', 'Shakti Mohan' and 'Soha Ali Khan’, I've perform around 150+ gigs all around the country since last year. 
I recently released the Acoustic version of the 1st single from my debut EP 'Hai Bharosa' called 'Tum Aao Baitho Batein Kare’. 
A short clip of my 1st single 'Tum Aao Baitho Batein Kare’ was featured in the promo of Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth which gathered 1.2 million views on Youtube and 2.3 million views on Facebook.
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