• Plok


Yep, we did not ransack the dictionary, use emo band name generators nor did we crowd source ‘Plok. Infact, Plok is not even a word! 
While looking for a name, the foremost criteria we had was that it had to be representative of our music.  Of course, our music is SOOO good  that we don’t have words for it, hehe.  But, we do know that our music is  different in its own way and we don’t  really try too hard to do something  that hasn’t been done before.  
Moreover, the basic premise of the  band is that stereotyping is forbidden,  well almost. Just because something  isn’t appreciated, or is appreciated a  little too much (psst... Pop Music =  taboo), doesn’t mean that we’re going  to be closed to it. We like it, we do it.  Simple. Which also means that we’re  open to trying newer things. Moving along the same thought, we also do  not like to confine ourselves to a  particular genre. Fine, our sound  might appeal to people who listen to  Alt/Prog Rock, and we’re happy that it  does, but we find the concept of  ‘genre’lizing a tad too restrictive. 
So we wanted to break this ‘bubble’  and THAT’s the sound of “Plok”.  
Plok are 
Neeraj Aggarwala –Vocals
Anirudh Subramaniam - Guitars
Tushar Rawal - Guitars
Yugank Mishra - Bass
Aveleon Giles Vaz - Drums
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