• Praashekh Borkar


Praashekh Borkar, the young talented musician from Pune, along with his younger brother Abhishek features amongst the finest Musicians of the younger generation in India. 
Praashekh showed profound enthusiasm for this noble art from a very early age.  After having toyed with a mini-Sarod since the age of four, he started taking serious lessons from the age of seven from his father and guru Pt.Shekhar Borkar.  Praashekh, a gold medalist, has secured first place in several music competitions. He has also performed at the prestigious Pune festival, M.T.D.C. festival, Haridas sangeet sammelan and several more. He was awarded the Dattopant Deshpande trophy at the prestigious Sawai Gandharva festival, Pune in the year 2000. Praashekh is the recipient of the C.C.R.T. scholarship and performs occasionally from A.I.R., Pune.  Praashekh has traveled extensively all over the country and overseas and has earned acclaims for his performances. He has also scored music for several music ballets and serials. He has completed his Alankaar (master of music) and has also been honored with the title of ‘Surmani’.
He has also invented an electric sarod that he has named the Esarod, A combination of the Sarod and an electric guitar that he uses for his fusion performances.
Having learnt both Indian music as well as western music and been composing and arranging music as a team for many different albums and projects. Both, Praashekh and Abhishek have their individual bands and are soloists but are a treat to watch when they team up together.
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