• Pranjli

This Indian girl Pranjli, is an indie singer-songwriter from Noida who seamlessly combines autobiographical confessional lyrics about all shades of love, heartbreak, intimacy, abuse and trauma with unconventional melodies, exposing a truly sensitive alternative pop artist. With over 25k+ followers on Instagram, the experience of Pranjli’s music is very honest and deeply personal, provoking a profound response from the listener.


In her early twenties now, Pranjli has given backing vocals to a Universal Music album called  Laakhon Aasman (2014). Her song My Teacher Hilda from an animated kids series of the same name won an award in the Buddha International Film Festival and was nominated in the Barcelona Planet Film Festival.



Raised in a conventional Hindu family, her curious nature pushed her towards writing songs at the age of 11, which had semi fictional accounts of innocent crushes she developed. As she matured, her lyrics started to develop undertones of themes like atheism, feminism, existentialism, sexuality etc.


Now, after having been performing since 12+ years (starting 2008) in schools, auditoriums, radio stations, churches, stadiums and online to her thousands of fans, she is finally making her commercial debut with an English song called chase you produced by Mumbai-based producer Aadi Arora, on June 25th 2020. The song starts as an acoustic ballad that transitions into an epic cinematic experience at the end.

Currently, she is back in her studio, finishing her next song, which will be her debut Hindi (her native language) release called o re chore. People can expect to hear a various range of styles starting from dream pop to traditional pop songs from her in both the languages, Hindi and English.


"...the moment she takes to the stage to sing, the crowd breaks into a loud applause shouting 'rockstar'. This is the magic of singer Pranjli's voice..."

-Times Of India

"...the success in your academic career is commendable. I am sure that with your determination and fortitude you will excel in your chosen career and will contribute positively towards the development of a healthy and progressive society..."

-Smriti Irani

"...Pranjli is a global singer.. she rules over the hearts of youth through her unique style..."

-Dainik Jagran

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