• Prince Manash


Prince Manash, born on June 07, 1984, is an Indian singer, lyricist, performer, Actor, producer, and composer based in Guwahati, India. Prince Manash has made decent strides in the music field from very early age. 
Having received training under such stalwarts as..... 
Pandit Moni Prasad,
Pandit Askaran Sarma, 
Pandit Ajay Pohankar,
Gautam Mukherjee 
Tulika Ghose
Sucheta Bhattacharya
Rammohan Edde among others, 
Israar Ansari (for Urdu Diction).
Prince shared the stage with popular bollywood singer Sonu Nigam in the Voice of India 2's 'Grand Finale'. He'd also held stage with such reputed musicians as Sukhbinder Singh, Shaan and Ismail Darbar. Prince's albums 'Hiyar Spandan' and 'Preyoshi' were received well by the public
About Sourav Mahanta:
A dedicated, potential diligent musician, Music Composer, Music Programmer and not a new face to Assamese Music Industry,
Since 1998 he is doing at his best by rendering music for several short films, documentary films, Feature films, Television Serials and various Jingles. Mostly he has been doing the background score music and sound designing for different short films and docu-feature films for last one decade; most importantly, among them a few of the films were able to acquire different awards, rewards and appreciations at the prestigious film festivals of the country. He has rendered music for a few audio projects, Choral songs, musical stage drama/plays also. The wide spectrum of Symphonic music design or orchestral genre is deeply concern to Sourav from his early stage in music; he is merely influenced by ‘Symphony’. So he often tries and uses to blend this style with other Assamese folk  or Indian music or with other popular genre of music using acoustic and virtual instruments which reflects in this debut album ‘Ejak Borokhun’ , particularly in the songs ‘Tumar Sokulu mosibole’ and ‘Akou Ebar Pamne’. 
Though, the other songs are also equally well designed with various different styles by both virtually and acoustically. Hope people will hearty encourage and appreciate the album giving them with constructive, creative suggestions for their future endeavor.
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