• Rainburn
Rainburn was founded in the fall of 2011 by classically-trained pianist Avik Chakravarty and singer/guitar player Vats Iyengar as a vehicle for eclectic, progressive music. Adding drummer Praveen Kumar from Blood & Iron and bassist Jayaram Kasi soon after, the band rehearsed for the rest of the year before starting to gig in early 2012. Rainburn's brand of technical-yet-accessible music allied to impassioned covers of bands like Rush, Alice in Chains and Porcupine Tree found immediate takers in the Bangalore music scene, leading to gigs throughout the southern Indian circuit. In the middle of 2012, Jayaram Kasi left and after a protracted search, was replaced by Shishir Gupta on the bass; meanwhile, the band recorded and released two demo songs - 'End of Sleep' and 'Listen Through the Noise'. But already, Rainburn's musical leanings were shifting closer to home.
After searching for new ideas and fresh inspiration for much of 2013 and continuing to play shows in and around Bangalore with new keyboard player Ashwin Ethiraj, the band finally found their calling in the juxtaposition of their progressive roots with Raga-based melodies and motifs. This led not only to a change in sound but also to a significant change in instrumentation - a second guitarist in the form of ex-Groove Chutney member Abhishek Prakash was added to the lineup to replace Ashwin and keyboards were dispensed with. After opening for the mighty Avial, to an audience of several thousand people at Eurotech Maritime Academy, Cochin, the band hit the studio to record their debut EP. Abhishek left not long after commencement of recording and after a brief search, was replaced by shredmeister Toshimoa Jamir. With this new addition, Rainburn emerged out of its temporary hiatus with renewed force, road-testing not only songs from the upcoming EP but also performing ambitious covers of bands such as Dream Theater, Megadeth and Steve Vai.
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