• Bhaskar Swaminathan

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Ramyam is an endeavour created by Bhaskar and Ramya to bring-in a new lease of life to the world of Music and entertainment. The attempt is to bring a markable difference in one or more aspects such as lyrics, tune, rhythm, blend, etc.


Focal artist - Bhaskar Swaminathan


Bhaskar is a new age lyricist, bringing in a wave of stunning freshness to the genre of traditional devotional songs. His indisputable passion for Tamil language and Music, coupled with his mastery in Vedanta, triggered the poet in him in 2016. The resultant energy unfurled in the form of more than 100 original compositions on various Hindu deities, manifesting itself in a script that has seldom been presented in the last couple of decades. The words in these songs are simple yet intriguing for the music lovers.  Listening to his songs will not only give the enjoyment of a good melody and pleasant music, but will also ensure that one delves into a deeper spiritual treat.


Besides this Bhaskar also writes and composes contemporary songs including romantic ones which would be cool for the young hearts. The lyrics convey the feelings with a high dosage of euphemism which render the songs to be worthy of recitation by all.

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