• Ramya Mohan
’Nothing quite impacts the adolescent brain like the first flush of love, nothing quite dictates life’s journey like the tortuous and powerful process of heartbreak . Yet, it is so beautiful and pure that we remain touched by it in many small and big ways daily , decades into the journey through life. Tennyson says that it is better to have loved and lost that never to have loved at all . So true - my extensive experience with young people, adolescents and emotions also screams  ’’It is better to have loved , survived and lived than not having lived at all! ’’, says Dr Ramya Mohan, Composer, Singer and Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.
Trained in Carnatic & Hindustani classical music, she has successfully forayed into fusion, bringing Western and Eastern music together seamlessly, in a true reflection of who she is. Ramya already has two internationally acclaimed fusion albums ( Blending the two very different worlds of Music and Medicine together for young people's mental health) and a English/Hindi single to her credit. With Kanasallu..Of Dreams and Love, Ramya is bringing out her first single in her mother tongue Kannada , interspersed with English . ‘’This song is very close to my heart as it is a homecoming in many ways’’, beamingly says Ramya , a British-Indian and a Kannadiga by birth, who took a ‘from the heart’ decision last year to shift base to her hometown Bengaluru after nearly twenty years in the UK to support community awareness of mental health through music. The song talks about first love and as life progresses on, how this amazing feeling becomes ensconced within, enabling us to see colours and love in every aspect of our lives.
Whilst she works actively across continents in the spheres of Music, Art and Mental health ,  Ramya has been attempting to increase awareness of young people’s mental health in India through the use of music and art. ‘’This song is a Psychiatrist-cum-Artiste’s take on life and love, my second single expressing various facts of life and love through the lens of a Psychiatrist & Artiste. I work extensively with high emotions, strife and complex human minds as a Psychiatrist. I am able to simplify and express my thoughts, feelings and experiences around human emotions and relationships through my music, songs and art to reach more people ‘’ , says Ramya ,who has written the lyrics , composed ‘Kanasallu’ : Of dreams and love’, sung and performed in it. The song’s lyrics are in Kannada and English , reflective of the global hub Karnataka is today. It was the very first Indie Kannada single premiered on the BBC in May 2017 and the first Kannada Indie music video shot in Europe . It was launched on on u tube this Christmas , the season of love.
Ramya’s ‘close-to-the heart’ lyrics ,beautiful composition and soulful singing are ably supported by an international Kannada and Indian community of medics, musicians and filmmakers. London’s and life’s picturesque beauty is ably captured in this popular song by the award-winning artiste and medic Anil Joshi (Direction/Cinematography) and Dhruv Bhatnagar (Visual production/Editing). 
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