• Ratnang Singh
“Music has always been an escape, an escape from the present, the past, 
An escape to that safe place no matter where you are.”
Ratnang is a singer-songwriter based out of New Delhi. A vagabond of sorts, he lets his thoughts make him travel far and wide. Drawing inspiration from within and around, he writes about the troubled mind, heart break and things that make you smile, giving him an ability to sketch reality in his songs.
With influences ranging from the legends like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and like aforementioned, his inner self and his surroundings, his 
compositions range from feeling melancholic at times to happy and rad at others, sometimes all within the same song. With a healthy mixture of both popular culture tunes, honesty and musical brilliance stemming from his love for country music, Ratnang’s compositions are refreshing and original.
His first release ‘The War’ is a mood setter. Dark underlying thoughts are put forth with utter simplicity in this 7 track album that deals with trouble, pain, love, loss and how it affects us from within. 
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