• Rishabh Seen
The Face of Sitar • Founder of the Global musical phenomenon SITAR METAL • Sitar player for Arijit Singh • Introduced 'Tapping' on a Sitar • A Multi-Genre Musician, Composer & Producer
One of the Best & most unique Sitar Players today, Rishabh Seen has quickly become the Face of this Instrument the youngsters, Music connoisseurs alike. Son & Student of the Living Legend ,his idol ,Pt. Manu Kumar Seen, Rishabh is being recognised as a true Innovator who is traditionally rooted with the Subtleties of Indian Classical Music and is pushing the limit & use of a Traditional Sitar, in the context of not only Hindustani music but modern musical styles like Rock, Metal & Electronic/Bollywood Fusion as well. Without changing the Sound & Look of a Sitar, Rishabh Seen established himself as a truly Forward thinking musician. Rishabh Seen aims at putting Sitar on the world map & joining the forces of Classical & Metal music with his band SITAR METAL to write a new & untouched chapter in the History of Music - World's first Sitar fronted Metal Band!
1. On the cover of Rolling Stone India (April 2018 Edition)
2.Mentioned as the 'Sun of Indian Classical & Metal music' by The North-East Today Newspaper/Magazine 2016. 3. Listed as 1 of the 10 leading Innovators and entrepreneurs of 2015 from India by SchoopWhoop. 4. Awarded the 'B-High' Artist Grade by All India Radio (Govt. Of India) in 2016. 5. World's first & Only Sitar Player to endorse an Amplifier Brand : LANEY Amplifications. 6. Youngest Sitar player to deliver 5 TEDx Talks and performances. 7. Recognised and Praised by Global MusicaLegends like Pt. Manu Seen, James Hetfield (Metallica),Steven Wilson, Tosin Abasi, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Guthrie Govan,Bryan Beller and many more. 8. Toured South Africa, Canada, Netherlands, U.K., Singapore, U.S.A & Japan - For a series of Indian Classical Concerts, Arijit Singh Concerts & more. Rishabh has Performed and Headlined some of the biggest Indian Music Festivals like : Harivallabh Music Festival (Punjab), Heartwork Tattoo Festivals ,IIT Delhi's Rendezvous,Abomination Chapter V ,Echoes Of Earth Music Festival (Bangalore), Alt & Pepper Festival, E-Conclave and TangalWood Music Festival, to name a few. 9. Written, praised & supported by BBC UK, FirstPost, Metal Injection, Loudwire, GearGods,Metal Sucks,Blabbermouth and iHeart Radio, Rolling Stone India, Kerrang! and more. 10. Co-Founder and Director of MOKSHA Concerts, founded in early 2017, organising monthly Indian Classical Concerts in Punjab and an Annual Music Festival to promote and preserve young Talent in the field of Hindustani Music.
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