• Rohini Mahesh

Rohini Mahesh  is a trained Indian Classical Carnatic singer, under the 

tutelage of Sringeri Asthana Vidwan, Palghat Sri T.S. Anantharama Bhagavathar, from Sri Naada Brahmam Music school, Mumbai, India, for a span of 20 years. She is a Management Graduate who has also completed a Bachelors Degree in Indian Music (B.Music degree) from the University of Madras, Chennai, India. She has also trained for a brief period in Hindustani Classical Music (Gwalior Gharana). She has expertise in the rendition styles of both Classical Carnatic Music and Light Music genres. 

Rohini Mahesh's music is an expression of her deep association with the art. Her voice has the ability to captivate audiences, through soulful renditions of any piece -  traditionally devotional, classical and semi-classical.
She also possesses a passion to write poems and has also composed music for poems / songs written by her.   
She has performed Indian Classical Carnatic and Semi-Classical Concerts in Mumbai, Chennai,Hyderabad and the United States of America.
She has played multiple roles while bringing this devotional album into existence : Concept creator, Songwriter , Music Arranger, Music Composer, Performing Vocalist.
She currently serves as a Faculty-Music at the Shankar Mahadevan Academy of Music.
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