• Runt
A few years ago, I decided I needed to get better at composing music and playing the guitar, so I started writing a bunch of song ideas. Those song ideas started to take shape, and before I knew it, there were a bunch of songs that were instrumentally ready. What took the longest time was writing lyrics and vocal melodies. 
I’ve been doing this for a while, and everything I was writing sounded contrived, so I stopped. There was a point where I was out of work, and really messed up in the head. That’s when I started writing the melodies and lyrics on the EP. ‘Rhymes With’ features very diverse lyrical content, with subjects ranging from my sobriety (I’ve has been sober for over fourteen years, in April 2017) to dealing with hesitation. 
‘Rhymes With’ is Runt’s first EP, where I’ve composed everything, and played everything but the drums, which were slammed by Aditya Ashok. The EP was mixed and mastered at Refractor Studios by Adhiraj Singh. 
Recording the EP was a big learning process, as I didn’t have a band to rely on for opinions and suggestions. But this was something I’d been wanting to do for a while, so when unemployment struck me, I got down to it. The entire recording process took over a month, with a few breaks in between. 
In addition to the music, I’ve also documented the entire process with the help of the guys from Glowworm, a bunch of really talented filmmakers. So watch out for that, too.
I really hope you enjoy listening to this EP, as much as I enjoyed making it. Be sure to give it some love!

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