• Saee Tembhekar

Saee Tembhekar is a vocalist from Pune who has been practicing music for over 20 years. Saee had her first public performance at the age of 6 years. Quick to realize her potential, her parents encouraged her to start learning Hindustani Classical music at a very young age. Over the course of time, with her parents’ efforts and Gurus’ teachings and blessings, Saee grew as a versatile singer, bagging numerous awards at the state and national level. Her simplicity and soulful singing has led her to receive accolades and appreciation from world-renowned greats in music.

In the past decade, Saee has progressed from appearing in various reality shows on national television to performing concerts all over the world. Her concerts always showcase unique concepts and leave the audiences mesmerized.

Saee’s musical talent is complemented with her Management degree in Finance. Her academic excellence along with her singing prowess has led the birth of ‘Plus One Ventures’, a startup catering to novel musical events and workshops.

Her unplugged experiments have won the heart of youtube audience. 

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