• Sarvpreet Singh

Formal training in Indian classical music began with the Tabla. I was 10 years old, and an intense passion stirred then still sustains. As a trained Punjab Gharana vocalist, I was awarded a silver medal in folk music by the state Government very early on.
My professional role as a Raagi enriched my initial career, with soulful Kirtans at Gurudwaras. A musical wanderlust helped me garner myriad experiences across Asia, be it in Punjabi folk, Pakistani music or a Sufi blend. An ardent follower of Ustad Zakir Hussain, I feel fortunate to have received his blessings as well.
A steadily burgeoning fan following ensues my live performances, online tracks and music videos, as also some well-timed Radio features and interviews, the last with FM GOLD, on my musical journey and passion, all of which serve well to inspire a candid overview and reflection on the prevailing music scene, and how my aspirations fit in.
I also had the distinct honor of judging the recent IIT Mood Indigo festival singing competition, something I humbly accepted, considering the competitors were only a couple of years younger to me. The judicious grading secured me much appreciation.

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