• Sceptre
The year is 2014. One of the most respected metal band of India play their comeback gig at Thrash fest in Thane on 9th Feb 2014 and all hell breaks loose as if they never went on a hiatus. Raise your fists for 'Sceptre', who have weathered every storm that has come their way and are still standing tall in a quicksand of bands wallowing in mediocrity, trying to survive and live another day. For Sceptre, one can say, life has come full circle. After grappling with line-up issues, the band has revealed another ace up its sleeve which has only silenced their haters into an oblivion of sorts. The international acclaim of their second album, ' Age of Calamity' boosted their morale, so much so that the songs from this album finally made it to the radio waves in Poland, New York, Australia and U.K. Not knowing the twist of fate that lay in store for them, the band had to part ways with their vocalist last year, who had worked with them on 'Age of Calamity'. The band took this on their chin and roped in long-time friend and Lunatic-in-Chief, Gary Gracious to handle the vocal duties of the band. And it was only pandemonium from there on as Gary Gracious caught the band by the scruff of its neck and dragged them into the limelight, which the band had been missing from since a while.
The 16 years of hardships finally paid off on 8th Feb 2015 when Sceptre played their first international gig in Dubai at the Legends Bar. Needless to say, the band delivered their finest performance and definitely a memorable one for a long time to come. But always gauging the zeitgeist and paying heed to what the fans asked for, Sceptre gave its fans another reason to celebrate as they inconspicuously auditioned for lead-guitarists and went on to announce the addition of Ronojoy Barooah, as their new lead-guitarist in 2015. Ronojoy, who is a graduate from the esteemed M.I. institute in CA, will bring his own method to the madness and one can only wait and watch for the new material which the band will be releasing soon.
It is safe to say that the Mumbai thrashers are back with a renewed sense of purpose and are here to give us some of the finest thrash Indian metal has to offer. Question is...would you have it any other way?
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