• The Shah Hussain Project

The Shah Hussain Project 

The Shah Hussain Project draws inspiration from the 16th century sufi poetry of Shah Hussain. This Lahore based poet wrote mainly in Punjabi, Saraiki and Sindhi. Though his poems lend themselves beautifully to rhythmic meter and melodic expression, they are a wonderful glimpse into the social setting of the time during which they were written and are still relevant in our social fabric in the twenty first century even though they were written five hundred years ago.

The music is essentially a metaphor to the way the poetry is from the past, in the present, going into the future. It is a meeting of traditional and contemporary styles with a great deal of focus on the words and the live performance of the music. Although each song is stylistically different, there is a common thread through the project in terms of sound. The Shah Hussain Project has brought together musicians and technicians from Bangalore, Rajasthan, Pune, Assam and Mumbai. Some of the amazing musicians on this project are:
Vasundhara Das - vocals, harmonies, composition, arrangement, English and Hindi lyrics
Mir Mukhtiyar Ali - vocals, co-composition
Roberto Narain - drums, music production
Rajan Tisge - keyboards, harmonies
Vishal J Singh - acoustic and electric guitar
Hemanth Diwakaran - acoustic and electric guitar
Shalini Mohan - bass guitar, harmonies

The Shah Hussain Project was conceptualized, composed, recorded and produced at  - The Active Studio, Bangalore.

Live performances of The Shah Hussain Project are being marketed and booked by - CAA Kwan. 

For bookings please contact:
Vijay Subramaniam - +91-91673-97473
Email - vijay@caakwan.com
Avinash Bidaia - +91-96198-91097
Email - avinash@caakwan.com

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