• Shivam Khandelwal
 I have been engaged very deeply with music since my childhood days, I still remember my curiosity about the idea of audio recording and music production.
After playing a part of a Vocalist for many years : for bands and for my YouTube covers, I actually started to evolve more after picking up Guitar as my primary instrument. Self learning took a longer time, but gave a very unique and different direction to my musical style.
I have always been a very big fan of "Pink Floyd" , because of the psychedelic character of their sound which have always amazed me. Later, I was more lucky to find "Porcupine Tree" - A band which still holds an extremely important and special place in my life and has inspired me the most.
Steven Wilson (Founder of Porcupine tree) has inspired me in various ways, Most importantly through his approach in creating music and producing an extremely vivid Sonic atmosphere in each of his song.
I was doing YouTube covers for many years, Each cover that i did was pretty much like a project for me wherein I tried to covered all the aspects of Music production, ranging from Recording the entire song from the scratch (including all the instruments) to finally mixing and mastering it myself.
That was a real playground for me, where i did learn a lot about other instruments and bringing a song to life with decent Audio production skills.
I started to work on my EP: "First Expedition" around 1.5 years ago, Since then I have been disengaged with any band or jamming as I wanted to write the album myself. I really wanted to lay down all the ideas i have collected in years without much distraction. I started recording and arranging the demos with the help of drum loops and MIDI instruments to build a draft of each song.
The first song I came up is called "Welcome to this Astral plane" (which has already been released on my Youtube channel and Facebook page).
That song of the album is about Astral projection, which is a very interesting concept that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and is capable of travelling outside of it.
I was lucky enough to find some great session musicians who agreed to play on my EP, We re-recorded the entire thing again with the real instruments and the sound evolved unbelievably.
Nicholas Bonneyrat (France), Leonardo Lucchesi (Italy) have contributed to Drums and Keyboard sounds respectively.
And I have recorded majority of the guitar sounds and the Vocals on the record. Unfortunately, The people I have worked with are not from same the country, therefore I am working with musicians in Bangalore to play the album live after the release.
"First Expedition" features some experimental and psychedelic sounds. The album revolves around a depressed character and the experiences around him. The sound gradually becomes dark as the album moves forward yet the trippy vibes remain. I made the album with a story in mind, But i'd not prefer to share it because i want to leave it open for listener's interpretation.
You can check out some Porcupine tree and Steven Wilson covers on my youtube channels. Please follow me on my facebook page for more updates from the album.
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