• Short Round
Short Round is the alias of Indian-born, independent artist Jishnu Guha. 
Extensively travelled and musically attuned from a young age, Jishnu found his heart set on a lyrical folk-rock genre that he began developing as he busked on the streets of Portsmouth, England for a few years. A style he then continued to evolve into his own unique brand while he studied and worked in Beloit, Wisconsin; until he found his way back home to Bombay, where he played with a variety of high profile independent artists including Siddharth Basrur and Ox7gen. 
This year he finally puts all aside to document and release the first batch of music that has he been quietly building in the beautifully melancholic Desperate Times. Desperate Times is a 5 track EP that takes simple arrangements and melodies and elevates them to emotionally charged anthems that most can relate to. Using few words Short Round conveys volumes of regret, melancholy, anger and nostalgia. 
For bookings & inquiries: 
Tejas Menon: tejasmenon@gmail.com // +91 98201 03206
Kadak Apple Records: kadakapplerecords@gmail.com
Short Round: shortroundmusic@gmail.com
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