• Sidharth Bendi
One of Hyderabad's youngest independent singer-songwriter, Sidharth's songs revolve around simple life's experiences as a teenager. As a Dream Pop artist, his music focuses on melody and harmony and intense lyrics to make his music standout from the rest, a great vibe and foot tapping music steadily grow's on you. His first EP - " One In A Million. " is about of what he see's around him as a teenager and his life and takes a walk into things that made them special like Love, Life, Friends and memories. He has also composed & collaborated two songs which have got him media attention, ‘Kyun’ was the campaigning song on - The U-Cube Project, an NGO against Child abuse. ‘Beautiful World’ is the campaign song of Sidharth’s own NGO, The Beautiful World Movement. His music has been primarily influenced by artist such as Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Cold Play, Shawn Mendes. He's been performing across the all the popular venues in Hyderabad. Sidharth began writing his own lyrics in 2015 at the age of 15 and by the age 16 he wrote his first song " One In A Million " which is also the title of his EP. His music is driven by acoustic guitar and intense percussion, harmonics and vocal layering.
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