• Sifar

Sifar was formed in 2008, when Amit recorded his version of one of Anshul's songs. Until this point, they had tried finding the right band/artist for their songs without any success. Anshul loved the music done by Amit and they decided to upload the song along with one of Amit's songs on the internet. They soon started gathering an audience online. Encouraged by the response, Amit decided to pursue music production professionally and enrolled in a music production course run by renowned music producer and composer Gaurav Dayal at Beatfactory Academy.

After completion of the course, Amit started producing songs again in late 2009. By the end of 2010, Amit and Anshul had, together, written 10 new songs, which Amit had arranged, performed and produced at his home studio. They continued publishing the songs online on their website on a regular basis. Eight of these songs were also published in the popular computer technology magazine Digit's Annual Issue in December 2010.

In November 2011, the band got nominated for "Best Rock Band" category in the IndieGo Music Awards. Other nominations from the same awards included the song "Main Jaaonga" nominated for "Best Rock Song", Amit got nominated for the "Best Rock Vocalist" category, and the song "Gunah" got nominated for "Genre Bending Song" category

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