• Sky Rabbit
Mumbai-based Sky Rabbit (formerly known as Medusa) defines their sound as electronic/alternative. A formidable quartet of Mumbai’s most gifted youth, Raxit (Vocals/Samples), Rahul (Guitar/Samples), Siddharth (Bass) and Harsh (Drums) have stumbled upon something unique, merging electronica with indie and post-punk styles.
In 2008, Sky Rabbit was selected as one of the four bands in India to be part of British Council Soundpad, where they got a chance to record two tracks with legendary producer John Leckie(Radiohead,Pink Floyd, The Verve) at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai. After which, in 2009, they performed at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton and continued their UK tour to Cardiff, Oxford, Liverpool and London. They were also nominated for the JD Rock Awards 2011 in 4 categories including 'Song of the Year'.
Their debut 9-track album is a set of tightly constructed tracks that blend synthetic textures with more organic instrumentation, creating a sound that is bold, experimental and ultimately captivating and addictive. The album was also nominated for the 'Rock Album of the Year' award for the GIMA Awards.
Sky Rabbit seems to have become a favourite after playing at some of the biggest festivals in the country such as NH7 Weekender, Live from the Console, Ziro Festival of Music, Ragasthan and India Bike Week.
Raxit Tewari - Vocals & Samples 
Rahul Nadkarni - Guitar & Samples 
Siddharth Shah - Bass
Harsh Karangale - Drums
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