• Slain


We believe music should be loud enough to make you jump, smart enough to make you think, and inspiring enough to make an impact.
After winning every major national-level rock competition during it's formative years, the band went on to become a wild favorite among rock enthusiasts and festivals- leading to them opening for international sensations like Iron Maiden, Mr. Big & Meshuggah, as part of some of the biggest concerts India has ever witnessed. Needless to say, the media was all over Slain's story by then: with interviews and articles in leading magazines, songs on international compilations; but it was just the beginning. With the release of it's stellar album, unique videos, and incredible performance values, Slain is now redefining Rock for thousands of fans across the country, and the world.
Having found an impeccable balance between melody and energy, a sound that remembers the glory of Classic rock, while being driven by the virtuosic musicianship heard in modern Progressive Metal: Slain is often compared to the likes of leading acts Dream Theater, Symphony X & Journey. It's original yet reminiscent, fresh yet memorable in every sense. Slain's success in the industry is a reflection of the band's pledge to perfection, both in studio and on stage.
Energetic, beautiful music that touches both mind and heart, Slain is India’s Answer to Progressive Rock.
Slain is:
Ranjit Abraham : Vocals
Bryden Lewis : Guitar
Manek D’Silva : Guitar
Naresh Nathan : Bass Guitar
Jonathan Wesley : Keyboard
Joe Jacob : Drums
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