• Sanjay Maroo
The artist has seen excellent chart success and several music videos and collaborations and also set a Limca record for speed double bass drumming @ 1106 bpm (18.433 bps) in 2008.
The Fusion project London Eye which he also produced along with Presidents award recipient and Violinist Hari Kumar Sivan and the band Blue fire met with excellent critical acclaim and further established Maroo's status as a world class act.
The last album (available on OK Listen ) was ‘Headspaces’ which the artist refers to as ”A most intense and satisfying work. This is the sound of a modern day, urban point of view of life and faith. Meant for a higher listening experience” , was also ranked amongst one of the most mature and sensitive musical offerings and met with superb responses on-line and critically.
Now the artist returns with a smashing single " Altered Reality " which is a radical commentary on the joys, meaning and  mis-interpretation of "Freedom". The video is an expression of many things unsaid and will make you think about your own altered reality.
That’s 30 years of experience talking. Give it a listen.
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