• Souloman
Souloman is a pseudonym for Aman Gupta, who is a self taught guitarist-and-recording artist.
Says Aman, "Souloman is a culmination of years of developing my own distinct style of playing and a means of expressing myself; a style which, I believe, defies conventional categorisation. Thereby, I like to call my music genre - 'Feel Rock'.
Souloman has been created as a medium to understand and see my true self; to bring out the beauty within, in its multiple manifestations. This music, thus, like the human soul, is highly diverse and is based on the idea of discovering & celebrating the essence of everything."
The name "Souloman" has a multi-layered connotation - it reflects the 'soul of man', the 'solo man' who is on a quest to seek within, as did 'Solomon' for knowledge (for the uninitiated, Solomon refers to a biblical king who was known for his unsurpassed wisdom en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon).
He hopes that you will enjoy his music as much as he enjoys making it.
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