• Soulplay
Ignatius Rodrigues a Composer & Keyboardist and Vince Costa a Singer Songwriter come together to create Soulplay. A musical platform with its spirt deeply rooted in collaboration. Which seeks to create music, working with different artists from the local Goan fraternity, as well as artists from any part of the world who are open to collaborate.
Soulplay reflects the nature of the way they go about their work, keeping in mind that true creativity comes when one can have fun and the joy of play, fuels their tunes. Both of them, share musical taste that is diverse and yet a common love for the art brings them together to make music from the soul and for the soul.
This year they release their first single for Christmas, an idea that Ignatius had for many years, which inspired Vince to write the lyric. They reached out to their friends to work with them to bring it to life. Neil D'Cruz & Chrystal Farrell sing from the heart on the record. Philip Fortes plays a steady bass line, while Mercy lends his talent via a saxophone. Victor D'Costa added warmth with his string arrangement and violin.
They are excited about the song and proudly present "I Dream Of Christmas".
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