• Sourav Dey
Tracing his essence from the serene roots of North-east India, Sourav Dey unfurls his musical tales with much zeal. His keen nature to observe and learn has been his immense strength. He understands the importance of groundwork before advancing towards the actual content. He believes in the vigour of communication and moulds his observations in the form of human stories. He then expresses his thoughts through authentic sounds & music.
It all started for him when he was merely 4-5 years old. By waking up to the melodies of his sister's “riyaz”, to trying to imitate the “Dhak” (a membrane instrument mostly played during Durga Pujo), and playing the same rhythm on the utensils at home. His keen observation skills have ever since been driving him towards simplifying the concept and developing an expression to help him connect with people.
He is a trained tabla and vocal artist under“Late Pt. Sudarshan Chakraborty”. One day he was just sitting with his mother and listening to his sister’s riyaz and when his Guruji asked him what did he observe and learn so far, he sang a bandish without even knowing the raag. It was one week later he started attending the classes. It was this application based learning, that still empowers him to think beyond the horizon and create stories in the form of music.
"Aas Paas ye Doriyaan" is a music single that revolves around the human story of an aspiring individual, and his internal conflicts with the external forces. It takes us through a journey where it talks about how human thoughts are so conflicted. It shows how emotions overrun an individual until the time he enters the sphere of introspection to win every battle without losing oneself. There are certain inevitable circumstances in life. But, do we find the beauty in those struggles and emerge as a victor, or do we lose hope and give up? This is how the story unfolds in the upcoming music single "Aas Paas ye Doriyaan".
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