• Spook


Obsessively melodic, clean, yet grunge driven. Energetic, power packed, yet in a sense passively aggressive, Spook is a young 5-piece act whose only purpose is to enjoy the music they play, put it out to listeners, and make them feel it by their enthusiastic live performances.
Spook are Mumbai based and born out of a previous one-off gig cover outfit comprising of drummer Zain Calcuttawala, violinist Clavell Santiago and guitarist cum lead vocalist Akshay Deodhar. With a desire to complete the line-up and move past the covers rut, they decided to take their music in a direction that was both fresh and relatable. It seems like it was meant to be, since almost in the same week, keyboard player Anis Gandhi (of Sledgehammer fame) and bass player Sonam Lama came onboard. Things clicked instantly and the band as it is today came to be. October, 2010 saw the departure for Sonam Lama(for further education) and the subsequent inclusion of funk and gospel bass player extraordinaire Timmy Verghese.
A fondness for genres spanning across Funk, Metal, Progressive Metal, Western Classical, Grunge and Pop- rock keeps them together... Spook like sticking to the basics and play them well. As long as you’re listening, Spook will keep playing, and then some... So hang around, and lend an eager ear
Spook is
Akshay Deodhar - Guitar / Vocals
Anis Gandhi - Keyboard
Wilson Kenneth - Bass Guitar
Micheal Lee - Guitars
Photo Credit: Diane Vaz Photography (http://www.facebook.com/Diane.Photography)
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