• Sri
Sri (aka Srijit Bhowmick) is an indie singer-songwriter from Bombay. His music is a combination of strong storytelling, thoughtful lyrical themes and quirks, and an extremely good and melodious voice - the distinct phrasing and style of which is hard to miss. Having written songs and played with bands since his high school days, it wasn't until 2016 that he started taking his own writing and music, that had accumulated over time, more seriously.
Since 2016, he has played many gigs such as at Alliance Franciase D'Ahmedabad, Sofar Sounds shows in Bombay and Ahmedabad, Tuning Fork (Khar, Bombay), The Candyman's Tape Deck Vol 1 (Ahmedabad), Bandcamp (Uttan, Bombay), High Street Phoenix Mall (Lower Parel, Bombay), and put up his own shows such as My Indie Playlist With Sri Volume 01 (Powai, Bombay), and Folk Sessions With Sri Edition 01, 02, & 03 (Bombay), amongst others besides being interviewed on 'Maed in India' in Episode 65.
His songs have themes which are are often about heartbreaks, poetic misadventures of the downtrodden, or the ordinary boorishness and humdrum existence of everyday life, and yet, not just. As such, his songs are carefully crafted intertwining of expressions and melodies into nothing but stories of our lives - some that could be, some that are and some that may never be. With the release of his self-titled debut album/EP, Sri aims to provide the listeners with a glimpse of these very things that together makes his music his own.

by Sri

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