• Stonned Generation

It all started outside the music room of NMIMS university, Shirpur campus in September, 2013.
Where I (Arun Singhal) was practicing nothing else matters and Akash Parulekar walked by and said let me teach you. I quickly picked up the song and we both performed on that very day in music room.
A dream to form a band was in motion.
Instantly, took a 1 hour slot in the music room and started working on originals and covers.

We think to have found a way to feel and express our emotion through our music.
Since, 2014 we really got into making original music and experimenting with different genres of rock music.
Band comprises of two lead vocalists i.e. Arun and Akash with supporting each other wherever necessary by playing guitars, with groovy bassline by Tejasv and power packed drums by Mihir.
Arun has learned Music production from Beat Factory Academy, mumbai.
Leading to record our few original songs.  
We are releasing our first EP "Instincts" in December,2016.

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