• Strange Idea


Strange Idea is a melodic rock band founded by Abishek Bajaj. As the songwriter and performer of all instruments on their debut album ‘Someday Anyway’, the creative process has largely been Abishek’s brainchild. The other permanent member of the band is Aditya Khorana, contributing to guitar composition and fleshing out song arrangements. Influenced by the sensibilities of 90’s rock and the simple structures of 60’s rock’n’roll, you can hear echoes of the Foo Fighters and Oasis in the band’s music. The tendency to stray from traditional chords towards suspended chords gives the songs a bittersweet taste, whilst the lyrics encourage positivity through tough times.
The band’s self-produced debut LP ‘Someday Anyway’ was released in September 2012. The band will be performing the songs at gigs around Bangkok, Thailand, where they are based. The highlight of the tour will be opening for Atif Aslam live in Bangkok on October 6, 2012, performed by an expanded lineup of Strange Idea.
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