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Consisting of Pezo Kronu, Riko Kronu and Matsram Sangma, the band was officially formed on the outset of last year’s winter that is January, 2010. The band is well known for their spirit of playing full on high energy concerts and they have already made quite an impression at all the gigs they have played at.
The band was founded by the two brothers Riko and Pezo. And the two say that they have been breathing and talking music ever since they were toddlers, “Initially as we grew up, our minds expanded and we had the desire to get on further with our musical adventure and that was when we finally decided to form a band. Although, at first it was just the two of us and a friend who seasoned as a drummer but eventually left due to personal reasons. Nonetheless, this never blocked our way from building up our musical careers, we moved on forward with what we do best i.e. making music. Finally, a year later we met our current and permanent drummer, at our local church (Shillong Baptist Church) where we first played together, then we came to realize that he had potential and not only that but he also had the same common ideas, concepts as we did too when it comes to playing live. So basically Church singing has brought the band together and that’s how it happened.”
The band does not have any contradicting ideas or music to implement it on the sound of the band because they are all open to all sorts of musical genres and their taste of music is extensively varied. The band believes that tunes are tunes regardless of genres and that any song with catchy tunes and strong melodies are the key ingredients to a good song. The main influence these guys have in common would be the desire and love that they share towards making music and getting it on recordings/tapes for all their listeners and also for themselves and playing them live. 
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