• Sulk Station


Sulk Station is an electronic/triphop duo from Bangalore formed by Tanvi Rao and Rahul Giri in 2009. Their music is driven by Tanvi Rao’s sultry vocals wrapped in a haze of atmospherics, minimal beats and homegrown synth sounds. 
They released their debut full length “Till you appear” to praise from all quarters. (The Knife, thewildicty.com, moopcity, A.R. Rahman, Bobby Friction, Talvin Singh, Azam Ali, etc). Till you appear consists of songs that were written and performed over the last two years or so. It’s an all out DIY venture full of flaws and a little bit of heart. The songs are tied together by an overbearing sense of yearning; the sound - influenced by trip-hop/post-dubstep/minimal sensibilities - is ‘sullen yet uplifting’.
Sulk Station was featured as the BBC Introducing artist on the Friction show (BBC Asian Network). Soundcloud.com - the world's largest community of sound creators - picked Sulk Station as the “SoundClouder of the Day” resulting in worldwide exposure, appreciation and recognition. They also performed & presented their debut album “Till you appear” at the inaugural edition of World Event Young Artist Festival, 2012, held in Nottingham, UK.
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