• Sunit Zadav

Sunit Zadav is a singer-songwriter currently living in Mumbai, India. His music can chiefly be categorised under "acoustic pop" with subtle influences from blues, country, jazz and folk. He is about to release his debut EP titled Quarter Life Crisis, later this year under the mentorship of his guitar teacher Mr. Sanjay Divecha. Most of the songs are inspired by real life incidents dealing with matters of the heart. Amongst the popular songwriters, his influences include James Taylor, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Justin Timberlake and Chris Martin. Some other lesser known influences include Irish singer-songwriter Wallis Bird, and English singer-songwriter Roo Panes. You may follow his work on his Facebook (Sunit Zadav) and Instagram (@sunitzadav) pages and his YouTube channel (Sunit Zadav)

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