• Suraj Mani


A thinking man's rocker who refers to his Songs as 'graffiti without walls', Suraj Mani is India's very own Singing Sensei
Someone who sings about life the way he sees it and sometimes how he would like to see it, the world-view of Suraj Mani's Singing Sensei resonates with global citizens everywhere - thinkers, dreamers, rockers and rollers; kindred souls drawn to the melody and metaphor in his music.
Comfortable with contradictions and clearly embracing his, Suraj is a singer, songwriter, composer and musician, at one end of the spectrum and at the other – an engineer and a successful first generation entrepreneur running an hvac business in India.
Prior to his solo career with 'The Tattva Trip', Suraj Mani was the singer-songwriter and front-man for the rock band motherjane. As a solo musician and member of Motherjane he has received awards for: 
Best Rock Album 2002 for ‘Insane Biography’ -Unwind Awards,
Best Rock Album 2008 for ‘Maktub’- Rolling Stone Magazine, Rock Street Journal & Unwind Awards
Best Rock act Asia- AVIMA 2008
Best Rock Vocalist - Jack Daniels 2008, AVIMA 2009,
Best Singer Songwriter award- Leon Ireland Award 2009 and Rock Act of the Decade - RSJ 2008, 
making him as an Indian/Asian rock icon of sorts
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