• Swaraag - an indo western fusion Band

Born in the majestic lands of the Rajasthan, Swaraag is a folk-fusion band hailing from Jaipur. The band brings forth the best of the traditional Rajasthani music amalgamated with modern instruments to create a mellifluous experience for the audience.

The name itself is a combination of two different words -- ‘Swa’ and ‘Raag or Raga or Ragga’. The word ‘Swa’ represents the ‘person itself’ and ‘Raga’, which means ‘to color’ has no English equal. Hence, the person who is in harmony with the music.


Swaraag expresses the deep-rooted thoughts of one’s heart with their simple lyrics. When combined with their instrumental genius, their music talks to the very spirit of its listener.


The band, through its heart’s desire and mind’s dexterity, has mesmerized the audience where they welcome you to take a journey into the world created by the perfect blend of Western and traditional Indian music where unity breaths life into the every single ‘raaga’ and love prevails

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