• SystemHouse33


SystemHouse33 comprises of founding member/vocalist Samron Jude (also vocalist for veteran thrash metal outfit Sceptre) who has been part of the band since its inception in 2003; guitarist Daniel D’Souza; bassist Leon Quadros (also bassist for Zygnema) and drummer Atish Thomas.Born on September 22, 2003 at an “All India Aids Awareness Drive” in Nagpur, SystemHouse33 has played many gigs all across India and is currently in its 10th year. 
Being the first metal band to emerge from Nagpur, SystemHouse33 has shifted base to Mumbai, and has the following music to its credit:
Discernment (EP) : 2006
Join the System : 2008
Thrive Live : 2011
Depths of Despair: 2013
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