• The Blue Cab

The Blue Cab is a world music band initiative based out of New Delhi, started by Saurav Bhardwaj and Sourav Dey. The band takes on Hindustani classical, progressive rock, blues and jazz genres and blends them to create contemporary fusion music. Featuring different instruments to express different tonalities, it tries to incorporate the Sarod, the Sarangi and the Tabla as Indian classical instruments, and the guitar, drums, bass and piano/synths as western instruments. Each member of the band has a strong musical background, which shows in the productions of the band.

The band tries to incorporate technicalities into their songs in a way that ensures that they vibe to it too. They wouldn't ever choose one over the other, both go hand in hand for the namesakes. They experiment with new sounds and ideas, however they maintain a zone of feeling for their songs, making sure they convey to people what their songs want people to feel. They get their inspiration from daily life, picking up rhythms and melodies from their regular, everyday sounds.

Their singles 'Raahon Mein' and 'Tumse Hi' that are coming out soon deal with the themes of separation and improvement. 'Raahon Mein' explores the idea of two people who take a journey together, in life, of life, and are separated, but need to make a conscious decision on meeting again, and the emotions they feel during the time they are separated from each other. 'Tumse Hi', on the other hand, deals with a relationship that needs improvement and fixing and acknowledgement of the fact that things aren't always as they seem, and every relationship, romantic or not, requires work and effort to take it to its epitome.


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